Monthly Archives: January 2013

What to ask your Real Estate Agent

What questions should you ask your real estate agent before putting your house on the market with them?  The following questions could help you get started.


Can you give me references?

What are market trends in my area?

What will be the steps involved in putting my house on the market?

Do you use a home stager?

Do you recommend a home inspection before marketing?

How will the agents in your office see my house?

What is the market share through MLS for your office?

Can you show me the volume of buyers closed in your office last year?

Describe your marketing plan?

How many hits a month do you receive on your website?

Describe your advertising program.

Explain how your fee will be split with the selling agency.


With these answers, you should have an idea of the activity associated with that real estate office.  For a comparison of how Aldridge & Southerland is doing, go to  on our site.