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Curious about market activity in The Greenville NC – Pitt County market?

Curious about market activity in The Greenville NC – Pitt County market?  Closed sales are an indicator of market activity 30-60 days earlier in terms of contracts written.

We are seeing the first signs of market revival.  Here are the sales through the Greenville-Pitt multiple listing services.

Jan – Feb closed sales are up over the previous four years.  These show that market activity increased in November and December of 2012.  These are the first signs of a market improving and housing prices starting to rebound.

Let’s look at the stats.

Jan & Feb closed sales by year.

2013 – 36.7 Million

2012 – 23.5 Million

2011 – 28.5 Million

2010 – 30.7 Million

2009 – 24.9 Million

There is a 36% increase in closed sales over the average of the past 4 years.  The market in changing and prices will finally start to increase as demand rises.  Great news for sellers!  For buyers, this could be the perfect time to get into the market.