Buyers Fear

Buyer Fears


1-Losing the property

2-Missing something

3-Paying too much


If you are the buyer and you see a property that seems to fit everything you’re looking for, your first thought may be, “I hope I can get this property before someone else does.” This is usually followed by the thought that maybe you have not seen everything on the market, and you could potentially miss something that could be even better.  Your next thought may be am I paying too much for this property?


The best way to get clear about these questions is to go through a buyer interview.  Your agent will explain to you how to select properties to see.  There will be a series of questions that will have a funnel affect for all the homes for sale.  With each criteria you state that is important to you, homes will be eliminated. For example; if a certain school district is important to you, all homes outside that district will be eliminated.


Your agent will give you peace of mind about the price you pay for the property by showing you all the homes that have sold in that area over the past twelve months.


Once you can see that you started with the total market and eliminated properties based on your needs and price range, and that your agent will show you the sold properties in the area you like, peace of mind should follow.


When it is clear to you that you have not missed anything, and you’re not paying too much, the next step will be a move to the home that best meets the needs of your family.


Aldridge & Southerland agents are trained to ask you questions that will help you see the process clearly.




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